Dosist - Soothe Vape - Single Use with Battery

by Dosist
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THC: 510-540 mg/g
CBD: 250-275 mg/g
Soothe by dosist is a CBD-rich formula that has a 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio designed to ease your body and mind. Its terpene profile of terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene works with both CB1 and CB2 receptors for a dose of ease. The pre-filled dose pen offers 100 doses (2.5mg per dose) and provides a precise dose every time. The dose pen by dosist uses superior vaporization elements, designed to heat our formulas to a precise temperature and deliver a dose quickly and accurately. Consistent dosage is provided through three key features: optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control. The dose pen is easy to use. Just inhale at a normal, consistent rate, and the vaporizer will shut off automatically after three seconds. A slight vibration will inform you when you've received the precise amount of 2.5mg of your chosen formula. Our formulas contain no fillers, additives, flavouring or cutting agents, and are 100 per cent plant based. Formulas and dose are consistent and predictable. Scientifically designed, dosist's formulas are developed with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant, traditional uses of cannabis-based products, cannabinoid properties and the nuances of the function and interactions within the endocannabinoid system. All formulas undergo extensive consumer research to provide satisfaction with our formulas. Products are tested four times during the extraction process, and spot checks on final formulas ensure our formulas are precise, consistent and contaminate free. Batch codes can be entered at by customers to see results through each phase of testing.

Always START LOW and GO SLOW when it comes to consuming any form of cannabis. The effects of ingested cannabis products are slower-acting and longer-lasting than inhaling.

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