Phyto - Blue Gorilla OG Shatter

by Phyto

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THC: 750-800 mg/g
CBD: <10 mg/g
A blend of Glueberry OG and Blue Gorilla, this Indica-leaning hybrid is great for seasoned consumers and those new to cannabis concentrates. Blue Gorilla OG has up to 80% THC, 3% total terpenes, with notes of blueberry, pine, and clove. Described by some as “Glueberry OG’s quiet sister strain” - this cultivar is one to linger, with a high that ‘sticks’ like glue. Blue Gorilla OG contains alpha-pinene, myrcene and humulene terpenes.

Phyto Shatter has up to 80% THC for maximum effectiveness and packed full of flavour from preserved terpenes. Phyto extractions have used a hydrocarbon closed-loop system to butane extract their cultivars in a tightly controlled environment.

How to Consume Shatter:

Dabbing- Use a dab rig or nectar collector with your essential dabbing tools. The CannMart team recommends using a water filtration system to taste the diverse terpene profile of this product.
Vaping- Browse the CannMart wax-friendly vaporizer collection, find one that works off of different temperatures to influence your engagement with this concentrate’s terpenes.
Add a piece of shatter when rolling a joint or mix into your cooking! Remember with either of these options to break down and disperse the extract evenly.

Disclaimer: Concentrate and extract products should be stored in a cool, dry and UV-protected location. During the summer months, our team highly recommends storing your concentrates in the fridge for 1 hour upon delivery to ensure the consistency is kept. Summer temperatures are expected to be high, remember to keep your extracts stored properly so they do not change the composition. This storage methodology is applicable to all concentrates including shatter, wax, live resin, rosins, hash, diamonds etc.

Always START LOW and GO SLOW when it comes to consuming any form of cannabis. The effects of ingested cannabis products are slower-acting and longer-lasting than inhaling.

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