Manitoba’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Producer Now Open for Business

Manitoba’s First Licensed Medical Marijuana Producer Now Open for Business

Growing medical marijuana in Canada is becoming big business and Winnipeg’s own Delta 9 Bio-Tech has become Manitoba’s first fully licensed producer. After being awarded a production license this past December, on March 19th 2014, Delta 9 was granted approval to distribute its products to patients across the country. The company is currently ramping up operations at its highly secured and newly retrofitted 80,000 sq ft production facility.

Delta 9 has taken a patients first approach to its business development. Their primary mission is to produce and offer only the highest quality, organic, medical cannabis products, utilizing sustainable and standardized production practices. Katie Cameron, a Delta 9 Customer Care specialist, notes that, “buying ones medicine shouldn’t be a painful experience, it is our goal to provide our patients with a consistent, helpful, and friendly customer service experience.”

Produced with award winning genetics from the industry‘s leading suppliers, Delta 9 has the largest cannabis product offering in Canada with upwards of 33 different strains currently in development. Delta 9 is also committed to assisting patients on low incomes and disability by subsidizing the cost of their medicine up to 50%.

Delta 9 intends to help raise the profile of Cannabis as a medicine, bridging the gap between anecdotal benefits and evidence based medicine. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Health Canada have expressed concerns over a lack of clinical evidence for the medical use of cannabis.

Company President, Bill Arbuthnot, confirmed that, “There is sometimes a misconception that there has been very little in the way of clinical research conducted. We would like to help make doctors as comfortable as possible with prescribing cannabis as medicine. We currently have a database of upwards of 100 peer-reveiwed clinical trials, studies, and surveys on medical cannabis available on our webpage covering conditions ranging from glaucoma to cancer to chronic pain. We look forward to working with doctors to get them the most complete and up to date research available”

Currently, approximately 40,000 people are authorized to use medical marijuana in Canada, and that number is expected to increase to 450,000 by 2024. Delta 9 Vice President and COO, John Arbuthnot, confirmed “there’s no question, it’s a “growing” business.”

When asked about his company’s ability to meet demand John said the company, “currently we have the capacity to supply approximately 1000 patients. We plan to more than triple our output capacity over the next 9-12 months, adding 15 – 20 full time job positions in production, client care, and marketing. “We’re very excited to have our first crop ready for sale by May-June of this year and to provide our clients across Canada with exceptional products and service.

In the meantime, patients can access the required application forms and medical documents on the Delta 9 website and browse the products section at

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