Delta 9 Gift Guide - Manager’s Choice!

Jennifer Gingras, assistant manager at our Delta 9 Kenaston store

It’s that time of year again! We won’t be able to see each other, hug each other, or even get near each other as much as we’d like to, but we still get to give things to people we love – something to warm their hearts and let them know how much they mean to us. What could be better than that? We asked some of our Delta 9 sto...

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Good for the Earth: Delta 9 Partners with Emterra Environmental

Creating a Sustainable Recycling and Landfill Diversion Program for the Canadian Cannabis Industry

Delta 9 has partnered with one of Canada’s leading recycling companies, Emterra Environmental, and a number of leading Canadian cannabis producers, to create a sustainable recycling program for cannabis packaging and disposable vape pens and a landfill diversion program for vape cartridges,...

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First Wave of Canadian Craft Cannabis On Its Way to Delta 9 Stores!

Manitoba micro-cultivation partner Cypress Craft Cannabis first to be on shelves in November

Bryce (left) and Brett Oliver. Proud Manitoba producers. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

Bryce (left) and Brett Oliver. Proud Manitoba producers. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

The first wave of craft cannabis is about to be unveiled in Canada and Delta 9 is leading the way with several key partners including Manitoba’s Cypress Craft Cannabis, which is expected to have two high-THC strains – Mandari...

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New Automated Bottling Plant Vaults Delta 9 Into the Big Leagues of Canadian Cannabis Industry

Delta 9 Cannabis – automated bottling plant

Delta 9 just joined the big leagues of the Canadian cannabis industry with a new automated bottling plant that will make them much more efficient.

They will now be able to easily bottle up to 100 kilograms of cannabis per week. In layman’s terms, that’s approximately 300,000 joints a week. Wow!

“The new bottling plant is exceptionally fast and it allows us to stay competitive,” said Mark Jonker,...

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Championship Cannabis Experiences are a Team Game

Championship Cannabis Experiences are a Team Game

And high THC may not be the player you’re looking for


High THC strains are all the rage right now. Everyone wants a higher high. But what if there was something better, deeper, more satisfying – something that produced a championship-quality high, from a creator with no equal.

Who wouldn’t want some of that?

Cannabis has been bred for decades to contain higher and higher levels of THC, but this...

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Can Cannabis Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Cannabis Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can cannabis really help you lose weight?

Can cannabis really help you lose weight? Possibly, and according to some scientists, definitely.

On the surface, it doesn’t make any sense. You smoke a joint and in less than an hour you’ve got the munchies. All you want to do is binge on junk food. We’ve all been there. So, how is that supposed to help you lose weight? It’s a paradox solved in a roundabout way.

More than one study has shown...

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Not Your Mom and Dad’s Cannabis? Think Again…

Not Your Mom and Dad’s Cannabis? Think Again…

Medical cannabis continues to work its magic, especially on seniors

When medical cannabis first became legal, nobody really knew for sure what it might be good for. Or did they?

The Delta 9 Lifestyle Cannabis Clinic opened its doors at 478 River Ave. in Winnipeg for medical patients on July 1, 2017 and demand for clinic services increased substantially when cannabis was legalized for recreational...

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