Vape Pens are Coming.  Are You Ready?

Vape Pens are Coming. Are You Ready?

Vape Pen

Sleek, sophisticated, discrete and powerful, vape pens are already taking the market by storm in the United States, and along with cannabis concentrates, extracts and edibles, they will be available in Canada and Delta 9 stores sometime in December 2019.

Cannabis concentrates, extracts and edibles will be legally available to the public here on October 17, 2019, but Health Canada requires a 60-day advance notification from cannabis companies regarding their plans to sell any of the new products. The regulations for edibles include a limit of 10 milligrams of THC per single serving, while concentrates such as those used in vape pens will have a limit of 1,000 milligrams of THC per package.

Although there are different types of vape pens, some of which can be used with both dried flower and extracts, those that use cartridges prefilled with cannabis oils are expected to be the most popular. Vape pen technology is advancing rapidly and is being pushed along by both consumer and regulatory body demand. Not only can you find vape pens that allow you to set precise dosages and exact temperatures, you can also buy child-proof and recyclable models.

The main components of a vape pen are the chamber, the mouthpiece, the battery, the atomizer and the power button and they all basically work the same way. They heat up the oil, extracts or flower to a temperature that allows it to vaporize and release the active compounds in the cannabis. And vape pens are incredibly easy to use. You simply press a button and inhale. And some vape pens don’t even use a button. They’re activated automatically when you take a pull.

A variety of flavoured concentrated cannabis oils can be used in vape pens, and because the temperature can be regulated to some degree on most – as compared to the high heat of a flame used when smoking a joint – less of the desired cannabinoids are destroyed, producing a cleaner, more pleasurable high.
Parts of a Vape Pen

10 Reasons Why You’re Going to Want a Vape Pen:

  1. Economical: Less cannabis required to achieve the same effect. You’re not burning half your cannabis to get the benefit of the other half.
  2. Discreet: Easily portable, with only a fraction of the odour and vapour of smoking.
  3. Efficient: Lower temperatures used during vaporization means more cannabinoids are extracted from your cannabis on every pull.
  4. Healthier (than smoking): Vape pens turn your cannabis into a warm vapor rather than a hot harsh smoke.
  5. Tastier: Vaporization, rather than combustion, allows the unique tastes in different strains to come to the fore.
  6. Leftovers: Vaporized cannabis has already undergone decarboxylation and is therefore ready for consumption in edibles with full effects intact.
  7. Ease of Use: Vape pens with prefilled cartridges take the guesswork out of getting high. Just push a button and inhale, or even simpler, just inhale and it activates.
  8. Variety: Vape pens can be used with a variety of different cannabis oils, extracts, distillates and additives.
  9. Dosing: Precise dosages available with some vape pens allow for a more controlled cannabis experience. You can start low and go slow.
  10. Technology: Vape pens come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles, each with its own brand of technological advances.

Picking out a vape pen is a little like choosing a new phone, and once you’ve bought one, you’re going to want another, especially when new features and functions are added.

Delta 9 currently carries a number of different vaporizers, but we’re excitedly looking forward to December, when we will be able to offer the latest and greatest in vape pen technology.

To Manitobans.

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