The Perfect Cannabis Storage Solution for Cannasseurs (and Mad Scientists)

The Perfect Cannabis Storage Solution for Cannasseurs (and Mad Scientists)

CVault – Delta 9 Cannabis Store

CVaults are as close to perfect as you can get when it comes to cannabis storage, but they might also unleash your creative genius.

Air-tight, sealable, lightweight, stackable and stylish, CVaults are made of food-grade stainless steel and also feature a convenient slot for a humidity pack. When used in conjunction with a humidity pack, CVaults act like a humidor to keep your cannabis fresh. Much lighter than glass containers, CVaults are also easier to transport, odour free and impenetrable by light.

“Whether you’re going to the cottage, taking it on an aircraft or on your way to visit a friend, CVaults are a great choice,” said Scott Strizic, Assistant Manager Delta 9 Osborne Village Store. “Even walking down the street when the air is dry can effect your cannabis if it’s not stored properly.”

CVaults are available in small, medium, large and two litre sizes

Personal CVaults are available in small, medium, large and two litre sizes and are designed to store anywhere from seven grams to 3.5 ounces, but where they really add value is in their ability to keep strains separate from one another.

“What the cannasseurs are doing is keeping different strains in separate containers so that they're not influencing each other,” said Strizic. “They’re removing the Delta 9 labels from the containers the cannabis comes in and placing it on their CVaults. The labels fit perfectly and when you stack the CVaults in your cupboard or locked storage area you can immediately see which strain is where. They’re keeping the original labels that have the important information they need for each strain and they’re recycling the plastic containers. All Delta 9 containers are 100% recyclable, just place them in your blue bin when ready.”

Using labelled CVaults makes it easy to know where to store any new purchases, while also allowing you to quickly find a particular strain depending on what kind of effect you’re looking for. They also give you a chance to use your imagination.

Intentionally mixing different cannabis strains together has been in practice for decades, and it’s not entirely uncommon for cannabis consumers with a single storage container to mix different strains without much thought as to what effect the blend is likely to produce.

Cvault / Integra Boost

But what happens when you mix different cannabis strains together? When you mix a high THC strain with a high CBD strain? A Sativa with an Indica or Hybrid? When you mix strains with different terpene profiles together? The entourage effect created by mixing different cannabis strains is somewhat predictable in some cases, but not so much in others.

It’s always best to “Start Low and Go Slow” if you decide to create a new blend of cannabis on purpose, but with separate containers and readily available information about each strain, you can now be a bit more scientific about it. You can take a bud from one container and another from a different container and grind them up together in somewhat precise fashion.

Is there a potent strain you really like but want to tone down a bit? Do you have a lighter strain with effects you enjoy that might balance it out? Are you a mad scientist? Or a creative genius?

CVaults might help you find out.

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