Not all Rolling Papers are the Same

Not all Rolling Papers are the Same

Remember the old days when your friends sent you to the store for rolling papers and told you to make sure you came back with the blue ones? Those days are long gone.

There’s a whole new world of rolling papers out there now, from vegan to organic to 24k gold, and all will take your cannabis enjoyment to a new level. Of course we’ll start with the basics, our own 100% natural, unbleached hemp Delta 9 Rolling Papers, but from there we’ve got all kinds of options for your rolling enjoyment.


The Cannasseur’s Choice

The RAW Connoisseur™ option is one of our personal favourites. Unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked, RAW rolling papers are plant-based and contain no added chalk or dye. RAW papers are available as both RAW Classic Unbleached and RAW Organic Unbleached.

“RAW is the cannasseur’s rolling paper,” said Delta 9 Cannabis Specialist Bob Hanson. “People that love rolling joints, love RAW papers. After you've been through all the different papers, you’ll usually end up using RAW. They come in every size and shape and they’re the best of the best. RAW is the world leader in rolling papers.”

RAW joint roller and rolling papers

“RAW is the cannasseur’s rolling paper”


Get Wired!

Need a little help creating the perfect joint? Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers have you covered. “Randy’s papers are for people who might want a little bit of assistance with their rolling,” said Hanson. “They give you a guide wire to work with and when you get down to the roach you can hold on to it with the wire.” Good idea!

Randy’s paper’s come in two versions, Randy’s Regular Wired Papers and Randy's Wired Root Papers. The latter are 100% organic, vegan, unbleached hemp papers. Both use Natural Arabic Gum and American stainless-steel wire, but the Root papers are 30% thinner than Randy's Regular, which contributes to the overall joint smokability.


Easy and Exotic

If you don’t want to roll at all, why not try Amico Sweet Palm Rolling Tubes? These pre-rolled tubes are made from an all-natural non-tobacco leaf that burns slow and evenly, just the way you want it. The pre-rolled leaf not only enhances flavour, it also burns better than a premium cigar. Sweet Palms also have all-natural built-in filters made from corn husk, which cools the smoke and drops a natural sweet taste on the tip of your tongue.


Go Bananas!

You can’t get more natural than Million Bananas Wraps, which are created from real organic banana leaves. These vegan wraps are free from GMOs and other contaminants that can ruin the taste of your herb and expose you to toxins. Unprocessed and professionally cured, these banana leaves burn slow and steady with a delicious, unique taste that can’t be imitated.


Free of Everything

High Hemp Organic Wraps are the first ever hemp herbal wrap made from sustainably grown European hemp. Imported from the Netherlands, these wraps are the best alternative to the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today. They provide the smooth taste of traditional hemp rolling papers, but the even slow burn of a traditional tobacco wrap. High Hemp Organic Wraps are certified organic, tobacco-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free, resulting in some of the highest purity ratings on the market today. Available in four flavours besides regular, including Grape Ape, Honey Pot Swirl, Hydro Lemonade and Maui Mango, High Hemp Organic Wraps have also tested positive for low dosages of CBD, making them the first of their kind!


Smoking Gold

For those special occasions (and when appearance matters), how about smoking gold? No kidding! Shine 24k Gold Wraps are handcrafted gold wraps made from the finest 24k edible gold with a hemp-blend paper base. They are also available as a Gold King Size Cone, a pre-rolled cone that simply requires you to fill it with your favourite cannabis strain. Shine provides a touch of exclusive luxury to your cannabis experience and provides you with the perfect way to celebrate your latest accomplishments, not to mention being the VIP at the party.

Bob Hanson

Delta 9 Cannabis Specialist Bob Hanson at the Joint Rolling Station at our St. Vital Store

Joint Rolling 101

Pre-rolls such as Bliss and Spark Stix have become extremely popular at Delta 9 stores in a very short time, but with so many different rolling paper options available, many cannabis consumers still want to roll their own joints. If you want to take your rolling skills to the next level, make sure to check out Joint Rolling 101 at one of the joint rolling stations in the Delta 9 stores every Friday from 7-9 p.m. and Saturday’s from 2-6 p.m. You’ll learn more about different types of papers, rolling styles and options, filters, tips and more.

After all, If you’re rolling gold, you want to get it right.

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