Holiday Gifts for "Cannasseurs"

Holiday Gifts for "Cannasseurs"


Isn’t it nice that we’re going to have a “green” Christmas in Manitoba for the first time in almost 100 years?

From vaporizers, glass pipes, grinders, locking storage containers, one-hitters, papers, lighters and candles to informational cannabis publications and cookbooks that describe how to make your own edibles using infusion machines like the Magic Butter and LEVO (both of which are offered for sale at Delta 9), there’s something for everyone. Apparel featuring the Delta 9 logo has also proved to be very popular and includes t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps, with more variety coming.

“Grinders are a good investment,” said Chad LaPointe, manager of our Delta 9 St. Vital Store. “You can break your cannabis apart with your hands and scissors at home, but that’s not really ideal. And you’re not going to get the consistency you would from a grinder, which takes only a few seconds. Grinders run anywhere from $20-$200, and they all have different functions and levels of quality.”

Cannabis Accessories

Bongs have entered the modern age now and come in all shapes, sizes and styles of glass-blown artistry. What used to be an unsightly and gigantic contraption now comes in smaller sizes and elegant designs akin to beautiful pieces of art.

“Marley Natural is a very popular brand offering bongs, pipes, tasters, spoons, rolling trays and water bubblers,” said LaPointe. “They’re really nice. I love their appearance, with the wood. They look pretty cool on your table. And they’re really well priced.”

As are pipes, which attract both first time and regular cannabis consumers.

“We have a wide range of great pipes,” said LaPointe. “You can get a really nice Jane West glass pipe for $57.95. The Genius pipe is also popular. It’s very discreet. You can slide it into your pocket and you won’t even know what it is. And it cools the smoke before it gets into your mouth.”

Safe storage options for your cannabis are also going to be popular holiday gifts at Delta 9. Ranging in price from $27 for the smaller Cvault containers to $93 for the larger Stashlogix lockable cases, there are a variety of different options to fit your needs and budget.

Start your shopping early!

We invite you to visit us at the Delta 9 St. Vital Store at 827 Dakota Street from Monday to Saturday, 10am-10pm and Sunday 10am-6pm.

Staff Holiday Gift Favourites:

Staff Holiday Gift Favourites

Utillian 420 - The only budget vaporizer to provide a vibrant digital display, allowing you to monitor your battery level and temperature settings.

Utillian 721 - The 721 vaporizor brings high-end convection heating to the masses, providing some of the smoothest and most flavorful vapor on the market. High quality without the high price tag.

Marley Natural Bubbler - This sleek, one-piece Bubbler is a Smoked Glass collection staple, with beautiful symmetry and intelligent proportions that make for an elevated smoking experience.

Marley Natural Taster - This quality-crafted piece is ideal for daily smoking and compact enough to accompany you anywhere. Made from hand-blown glass, our Taster is offset by a black walnut wood base and finished with natural carnauba wax. Its seamless design creates a smooth smoking experience, while detachable parts allow for easy upkeep. Elegant, efficient, and highly portable, our Taster is an essential companion piece for your versatile lifestyle.

Marley Natural Spoon - The Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe rests gently on its wide bowl as if levitating, with plenty of volume for smoke to swirl and cool as each draw is cleared.


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