8 Ways to Rehydrate Cannabis

8 Ways to Rehydrate Cannabis

My Weed is Dry! Help!

My Weed is Dry! Help!

We’ve all done it. Left our stash (or a few roaches!) somewhere and forgot about it, only to find it months later completely dried out, while looking for our keys or a piece of pizza under the couch cushions. We’ve also purchased cannabis that is dry. So now what?

You can’t call Rehydration Man, you have to become your own superhero, and Delta 9 is here to help. Below are a few tips that have been used for decades to rehydrate dry cannabis. Some methods are better than others, and all are short-term, but they will all improve your cannabis consumption experience.

8 Ways to Rehydrate Cannabis

Basically, you need to get some moisture back into your cannabis by transferring water from one element to another. To do this, you have to increase the humidity inside the cannabis container and have your cannabis absorb some of the resulting moisture. An airtight glass container is preferred for all but one of the rehydration methods below, and you’ll also need it to keep your cannabis fresh afterwards.

Orange-Lemon-Lime Peels

Orange, lemon and lime peels are commonly used to rehydrate cannabis, and each adds its own unique flavour to your buds. You can also get creative with smells and tastes by adding one or more of your favourite cooking herbs.

The process is simple. Place a peel of your preferred fruit alongside, but not touching your cannabis, in an airtight glass container. Check it every few hours until your desired moisture level is reached. The peel should also be removed or changed at least once every 24 hours to keep any possible mold issues in check.

Bananas, Apples and Lettuce

Banana peel work the same as other fruit peels, but they have to be checked and changed more often, as they contain more moisture and will rehydrate your cannabis faster. You should check your cannabis every 30 minutes when using a banana peel. Like other fruit peels, banana peels will change the taste of your cannabis, but the taste transfer can be even more powerful.

In contrast, apple peels can also be used to rehydrate your cannabis, but they are slower acting and transfer less taste than the other fruits. Fresh lettuce leaves also contain a lot of water and will work quickly and naturally to rehydrate your cannabis, with less of a taste transfer. A piece of bread, while not as popular as fruit peels, will also work to rehydrate cannabis with a minimum of taste transfer.

Regardless of which organic material you decide to use to rehydrate your cannabis, it should be wrapped in a paper towel before placing it alongside your cannabis in an airtight container.

Fresh Weed/Dry Weed Combo

If you already have fresh moist cannabis on hand, you can place a few buds from the moist cannabis into your container with the dry cannabis and a transfer of moisture will occur. As a bonus, the dry cannabis may gain some of the taste and aroma from the moist cannabis, without effecting its source.

Wet Paper Towels, Cloth and Distilled Water

There are two different methods of using paper towels, cloth and distilled water for cannabis rehydration. You can put a moist (not drenched) paper towel or cloth in a plastic bag with small pinholes in it and place it beside your cannabis in its container, or you can take the paper towel or cloth and lay it over the container before sealing it. Either way, you’ll want to make sure the dry cannabis does not become too moist, and it should be checked regularly. It is best to use distilled water in this process, as all the impurities have been removed.

Cvault / Integra Boost

Homemade Humidifier

You can buy a specialized cannabis humidor for storing your cannabis, but you can also create your own. A piece of damp cotton wool wrapped in a tinfoil sheet with holes in it will act in a fashion similar to a professional dehumidifier when placed alongside your dry cannabis inside its container. There’s a bit of an art to getting it just right, but a moisture check after 24 hours will keep you on the right track. Again, use distilled water.

Q-Tips and Cotton Balls

Almost anything that can hold moisture can be used to rehydrate your cannabis stash, and that includes cotton balls and Q-tips lightly dipped in distilled water, not soaked. One wet cotton ball or Q-tip should be enough, and as with all the above methods, it should be placed alongside your cannabis, but not touching it, inside your airtight glass container. Check your cannabis in 24 hours and re-evaluate the moisture content.

Stove Top Steaming

Stove steaming works quickly to rehydrate cannabis, but you have to be careful not to overdo it or your weed will be too wet to smoke. Fill a pot with distilled water and bring it to a boil on the stove. Remove the pot from the heat source (and don’t forget to use oven mitts!) and secure a cloth over the pot so it won’t slip. Place your cannabis buds on top of the cloth and let the evaporative steam do its work. It should take from 20-60 minutes to rehydrate your cannabis, and buds should be turned over and checked regularly until the desired moisture level is achieved.

The dewbie will rehydrate a few grams of cannabis in 10-20 minutes.

The dewbie

According to their website, the dewbie is an infinitely reusable, Canadian handmade stone that quickly rehydrates dry cannabis. After being soaked in water for 30-60 seconds, the dewbie is placed alongside your cannabis in its sealed container. The dewbie will rehydrate a few grams of cannabis in 10-20 minutes but may take up to two hours to rehydrate a quarter ounce. We haven’t personally used this product, but online reviews are positive and it will be available in the coming weeks for purchase in all of our stores.

Cannabis Rehydration Summary:

Rehydrated cannabis should be consumed as soon as possible. Distilled water should be used in the rehydration process, and if organic materials are used, they should not be left in your sealed cannabis container for overly long periods of time, as they can cause mold issues. Once you’ve got your stash right where you want it with regards to moisture content, you can keep it fresh and potent with our Top 10 Cannabis Storage Tips.

As cannabis production, storage and packaging methods in Canada continue to evolve and improve, there will be less and less dry cannabis in circulation. Manitoba’s Cannabis Company, Delta 9, will be leading the way in both innovation and development, and we look forward to sharing everything we learn with our valued customers!

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